We sat down at the table, both with warm barista made drinks in hand, nervous. We have known eachother for a number of years, but this is the beginning of a new type of relationship. We have been dancing around this subject for a while now. This is the moment when we decided to have a real conversation about it. 2:30 pm, December 16, 2014. The conversation stumbles and I admit as I usually do, that I don’t like meetings. This I realize is not helpful and make a mental note of it. I have my computer, a couple notebooks, a stylish book bag, my friend of course has the same. Our personal styles are indellibly intact in our smart accessories. We have no real guiding principle for our meeting, no agenda. But its time to talk, and I worry that we wont be any closer to our unrealized goals without a thoughtful goal in mind. There is a moment where I wish our cute bookbags could give us a clue how to proceed, and then decide its best to leave those responsibilities to our brains. She gives me options to alay my fears about not having a plan. We decide its best to use this time to brainstorm. I’m grateful that she can offer easy choices to allay my self imposed need to lead the conversation. It’s a habit that I would soon forget, but its sticky and atrophied.

Writing is important to both of us for reasons we are still uncovering. It is apparent that we both share the need and desire to write our version.

But where to start? An idea came to me a while back. It was born out of the practical need to find a way to connect my sewing projects with people who would like to wear them. A name was born. SizeMode. Size: measurement. Mode: A manner of doing, fashion, of the day. “Size”-“Mode” had a difficult exit from the tounge. But it stuck. It stuck for a lot of reasons. Reasons that we hope to explore as the days unfold into months and years.

We decided a great first writing topic would be a blog about “Measuring the Frequency of Doing.” Our first writing exercise: keep a daily log for one week and measure the frequency of our activities. Just see where that takes us.


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