Finding my Rhythm

Review of the weekly log exercise.

For one week (7 days) I made a daily log of whatever I could remember that I did in a day.  I recorded the time and the activity or thought or observation.  As I was writing the log, it appears that I cared a great deal about water intake, regular bowel movements and avoiding traffic. I also noticed that Im busier than I think. Before I started I predicted that I would be editing elements of my day before I had to actually record them. Possibly because I didn’t want to share them, was embarrassed by them, etc. I wonder if I went back and did it again with abbreviations for private thoughts if my record would be different.  I estimate it would.  This is of course an admission that private thoughts are still very important to me.

The exercise was very enjoyable.  After a few days, I looked forward to writing.  It became distracting when I didn’t have time to complete my log by the end of the day.  First thing in the morning was my most productive time.  I enjoyed finishing the day with it, but seemed to be less convenient.  There would have to be some modifications to my routine to make space for writing in the evening. I do feel this could be a great way to close out the day and somehow set stage for productive sleep and dreams.

The word that came to the surface for me was rhythm. I think this is my watchword for 2015. Finding my rhythm, knowing the frequency of my rhythm, keeping my rhythm and adding complexity to my rhythm.   I’m looking forward to this.


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