Rhythm Derailed

Not soon after I wrote my first post about finding my Rhythm, we decided to trade our emerging hip little city for the slower pace of a mountain town.  From the outside this was the smoothest move in the history of moves.  From the inside, the view was a little different.  Moving is disruptive.  Mortgage applications and realtor meetings trumped my daily journal entries.  Instead of thinking about sewing and bike rides, I was brainstorming guilt trip prevention strategies.  There were tears and lots of free Craigslist adds.

So even though my daily rhythm was off, there were some perks to adjusting the sequence and timing of things.  We managed to execute a relocation with all strings tied up and in their place.  We loaded our moving van on Sunday, and moved in the following day.  We were riding bikes by Wednesday.   I wanted to get into a rhythm as quickly as possible and I knew that meant we had to get our home settled in QUICK!    We set goals.  1.  Kitchen unpacked!  2.  Pictures on the walls!  3.  Go for a bike ride!  4. Sewing room set-up!  5.  Go out to dinner!  Success right!  Yeah…..right.  We did good.  But oh those devilish details.

We just moved to a new town in the mountains and I decided to expand my sewing studio to the garage.
We just moved to a new town in the mountains and I decided to expand my sewing studio to the garage.

Its been 3 weeks.  There are still pictures to put up, but the bike rides are regular now.  Im learning the new trails and finding new friends.  I have regular FaceTime conversations with my friends 7.5 hours away.  I have lunch by myself.  I resumed my Wardrobe Architect sewing project.  My organizing projects are still overlooked.  My cherished rhythm is inching back to a more familiar frequency.

What are your strategies for finding your rhythm?  What are your hacks for an easy move?

Stay tuned for a post about my Wardrobe Architect project.  If you are interested in learning more about the Wardrobe Architect, take a visit to Colette Patterns Blog.


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