The project continues

Its been a while since Ive posted.  Ive been doing my best to follow the Wardrobe Architect project with Colette Patterns……but…..I hit a snag.  Last month the challenge was to find your personal color palate using various types of image and illustration software.  As I was toying with the software, it seemed that the colors selected by the software weren’t really colors that I would choose for myself.  I just don’t think I would feel comfortable wearing colors that I aesthetically don’t really like.  After a couple hours I fell short on patience and threw in the towel.  Im still going to keep up with the Wardrobe Architect project, but Im learning that my disorganized approach to sewing is going to have to find a compromise with the structured and methodical process outlined in the Wardrobe Architect.

Ive also discovered that I was starting to get a little anxious about spending all this time planning out my wardrobe and not having enough time to actually sew everything once I figured out what I was going to need.  Wardrobe in progress

So I started sewing.  At first it was t-shirts.  I always need t-shirts.  I wear them everyday.  My fabric choices were simple.  The basics.  Black and white.  My fabric stash is kinda huge, so I didn’t need to go far to find colors I liked.  My sewing room is now in the garage and there is no heating (yet). This spring was a bit chilly, so the next thing I worked on were sweaters.  I had a bunch of great sweatshirt fabric and ended up with some really cute sweaters and sweatshirts.

Ragalan sleeve t-shirts

Then sewing stopped for a bit.  May was full of major bike races…..(for me).  I found myself using most of my motivation and energy preparing for the races leaving little interest for sewing.

Here is a snapshot from my first race this year.  The 18 hours of Fruita.  My friend and teammate raced as a duo.  We completed 18 laps in 18 hours.  Fitting I suppose.

18h of FruitaTwo weeks later I went to Gunnison, CO and raced the Gunnison 1/2 Growler.  This was by far my favorite race to date.  Primarily because it was tough, but also because I learned how to mountain bike on these trails many years ago.  The last race this month was at Curt Gowdy State Park, WY.  Lots of teammates were there and I got to spend a couple days visiting with some of my favorite friends in Laramie, WY.  Howdy Grinder W's Advanced at the finish line

So now Im back in the sewing shop realizing that spring has transitioned to summer and now its time to make some tank tops and light breezy dresses!  Here are a few of the latest.


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