Celebration Shirt

Nothing says celebration like a vintage fabric camp shirt! 

I’m on a roll with my favorite Colette Patterns Negroni pattern.  Typically I cut multiple editions of the same pattern to save time and stay sewing motivated (my 3rd Negroni awaiting thoughtful button selection and installation).  Generally speaking, I am one of those people who will buy 3 of the exact same pair of shoes in different colors once I find a pair that I love…

The same goes for patterns.  This can also backfire for obvious reasons, however this time it’s been a success.  See for yourself!

I found this awesome vintage fabric at a thrift store last year.
I found this awesome vintage fabric at a thrift store last year.



Men’s shirts are not the only thing passing through my presser foot!  

In the name of summer, I also liberated some incredible Hawaiian fabric from Rockywoods.   Sadly I can’t find the fabric on their site any longer, but I believe its of the UPF variety and has a rayon hand….perfect drape for a loose fitting summer dress!


Ok….one more thing…  

A few posts ago, I shared some images from a paper marbling class I took earlier this summer.  Since then I’ve been toiling over what to do with the paper.  Generally speaking, I’m not one for making or sending greeting cards and so I found a solution….Matchbooks!

Totally cool covered matchbooks!




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