Turning Leaves, sweater-shirts, skirts and more cool shirts

Its here.  Fall.  Days are shorter and the morning chill is undeniable.  I walked out into the sewing room with no real agenda and this is what happened…..

One dress, a couple mini skirts and a refashioned sweater-hoodie (and another cool shirt).

The mini skirts were real fun and quick.  I used the Colette Patterns Mabel skirt pattern (v.1).  The first was a thick persimmon colored vintage ponte/double knit and it was so quick and successful, I whipped up another in a grey & black striped cotton lycra.  I will likely wear these over leggings to add a little more to the situation.

Then I grabbed a vintage sweater been storing in the back of my closet for longer than a while.  I never wear it because its WAY too big.  But I love the colors, and its wool, and its warm.  So I thought I could use it to make a “smaller” sweater that might get worn more often.

Isn't this an awesome vintage sweater? I agree....but its just way too big. I just didn't want to give up on it.
Isn’t this an awesome vintage sweater? I agree….but its just way too big. I just didn’t want to give up on it.

I had gobs of this soft black sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee and decided to make a hoodie using the body of the sweater for the front and back then make raglan sleeves and a hood from the sweatshirt fleece.  I happened to have a McCalls zippered hoodie pattern that I hoped would work.  As I began cutting out the pieces, I realized that there wasn’t enough front fabric to allow for a zipper, so I opted to incorporate the existing buttons into the design.  The result, I thought was pretty cute.  Its a little long for me, but I think it will be adorable on the right figure.  Very collegiate.  And it goes well with a mini skirt.

But thats not all.  My vintage fabric stash is overbearing and Im diligently creating my way through it all……slowly.  But anyway, I had some adorable vintage Ponte with peach flowers on a silvery background.   It would make a really cute dress, but it had to be the right dress.  IMG_1631The other day I was thumbing through one of the many Title Nine catalogs I get in the mail and came across this dress….it looked pretty perfect.  More importantly, it was something I could “roughly” duplicate.  Now this dress has more of a shawl collar in the front, which I like quite a bit, but I was unsure if I had enough fabric to make that happen.  So I went with a more basic hood that crossed in front.  I drafted some patch pockets that had the same shape and attached a raglan top to an a-line skirt.  What do you think of the result?

So, last but not least, here is another great version of the Colette Patterns Negroni.

I used the asymmetrical pocket variation with pointed pockets.
I used the asymmetrical pocket variation with pointed pockets.

A friend of mine mentioned a year or so ago that he really wanted a purple shirt…..and had an eye for paisley.  At the time, I didn’t have any fabric that came close to that description, so I filed it away in my not-so-reliable memory.  Now, lucky for him, my brain favors memories involving color and patterns.  A few weeks ago I happened upon an awesome fabric “garage sale” where I scored some incredible purple paisley rayon.  It was just enough to make this luxurious flowing shirt.  The buttons came from my great grandmothers button collection.

Started sewing an information panel into the shirts I make for friends.
Started sewing an information panel into the shirts I make for friends.

Thats it for the moment.  Im sure there will be more to come soon.



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