Winter Hibernation Projects

It’s been a busy winter.  A snowy winter.  A cold winter.

Which is perfectly fine with me.  Thats because I love cold and snowy winters when I’m able to get out into the thick of it.  Oh…..and I have!  For the past 3 months Ive had the luxury of 3 skate skiing areas within 40 minutes of my house and a season pass at the ski area.

In the past, winter was my biggest sewing season.  But this year things have shifted a bit. Primarily because when we moved to Durango, my sewing studio moved into the garage.  Thus far I haven’t found an effective heating solution.  Right now its a space heater, so the really cold days I have to find something else to do……like ski!

In light of all this I have some fun projects to share with you.  I started off making a few Mabels and some cute tops.  I used the Seamwork Astoria pattern with some thrifted hot pink wool knit and the Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan pattern with some vintage floral poly knit.

But then there’s more!  One of my main daily drivers this winter has been lycra tights.  I wear them under pants for warmth, for skate skiing, for wearing around the house.  So, needless to say, I have quite a few of them.  I found a couple patterns by Greenstyle Creations that fit me perfectly.  In addition…..I also found this awesome source for fun lycra.  Every time I wear my tights, I get a compliment.  They are undeniable.  They demand your attention…..and for good reason.  Have a look.

What do you think?

Happy February.



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