Shifting Gears

Spring came early-ish.  Sometime in late February the snow piled on the sidewalks disappeared.  The local ski area began the spring freeze-thaw cycle producing unsatisfying skiing conditions.  And well……Im an unapologetic snow snob.
Woodcut Burro

So I pivoted to plan D.  

The Desert!  

Luckily for me, I now only live about 7 hours from the land of cactus and dehydration.  So I went, in search of dry trails and warm air.  I stopped off in Sedona along the way and then rounded out my week with a full schedule of trail riding in Phoenix.

Its also notable to mention the good fortune of my sister residing there so I had excellent accommodations.  She has an exquisite garden and we ate fresh citrus and vegetables every meal.

Timing was also in my favor.  I timed the fresh citrus and even better…..a blooming desert.  The ocotillo shot their brilliant red flared cannons along the trail and the wild roses clung to their last magnificent petals.  The thorns, which, are always in bloom, kept their unfailing promise to remind me I was in-the-desert.  Daily I returned with an enviable salt crusted brow and legs tanned by dusty trails.

Typographic Burro
Typographic Burro
Watercolor Desert Local
Burro in the Jungle - Green
Burro in the Jungle – Green






The visit spurred some inspiration for my latest fabric design ideas.  In particular……………….. wild desert burros.  I didn’t see any on my rides, but I was fascinated by the caution signs for “burro x-ings.”  In Durango, we have our own ungulate crossing signs, but not the adorable burro.
Zebra Burro

Im sharing a few of the images I created from my desert riding on this post, and you can see what they look like printed on fabric, wallpaper or wrapping paper by clicking the link below the image.  You can also find more of my repeat pattern designs on * * * as well as Behance and Adobe Portfolio.

*Which is your favorite Burro?

*What project would you make with one of these prints? (I think I would like to wallpaper an accent wall with the Typographic Burro.)




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